WrestleMania Memories UPDATE

So for those who haven’t heard my WrestleMania Memories video was copyright claimed by WWE last week. I’ve had this happen before and after filing an appeal, the video was restored. This was not the case this time, however. I filed a dispute but WWE quickly denied it and the video has been pulled. I can file an appeal but if the appeal gets denied I could get a copyright strike on my account and it is not worth the risk. I am not really upset by this, I knew there was a possibility of it getting taken down one day.

But never fear, I plan on re-uploading this video once I get finished with my current re-location. I will swap out the video footage with pics and upload it again in the near future. (possibly waiting until WrestleMania season and add bonus comments including Mania 32 memories)

I’ve been relatively lucky with YouTube…..never really had any major issues or copyright strikes, just a few blocked videos here or there. WWE are idiots for pulling the video, that thing was basically a 6-hour advertisement for WrestleMania, possibly even convincing people to buy DVDs or subscribe to the Network.

Thank you to everyone that loved the video and thanks again to Solomonster for plugging it on his podcast. I will give you guys an update in my next commentary (after No Mercy) as to when I plan on re-uploading this thing.

I have posted a new download link below for those who want to listen.