Ok, I think I’m ready.  Been working on a few things this week.  First of all, welcome to my webpage!  As usual, my facebook followers are getting the first look at all of this.  I will make an announcement in my next video to everyone else.

I created this webpage in order to better distribute my content.  One of the biggest requests I get from listeners is for me to make my commentaries available for downloads and on podcast sites.  So that is what I have done.  All of my Youtube commentaries from now on will be posted here on this site along with a downloadable version for listening.

I have submitted my show to Itunes and Stitcher as well.  Stitcher appears to be up and running but I am still waiting to hear back from Itunes.

I will also be using this site to launch a small merchandise line. (just a couple of shirts) Looking into the details now and have ordered a prototype to see how I like it.  If everything goes well I should have some shirts available for sale here on the site in about 1-3 months.


Another Step….


So no one is seeing these posts because I haven’t said anything to my audience yet but I plan to do so in my next YouTube vid. My commentaries have been accepted and are now ready for listening on Stitcher Radio! (Link above on menu bar)

Still waiting for approval from Itunes but I expect that to come very soon.  Only started with my last 2 episodes along with my latest DVD review and will start growing my feed from here.  If you want access to my older stuff you are going to have to stick with the YouTube channel.  Set myself up with a Patreon account too.  #Expanding

Let’s Do This.

The GoodMicWork YouTube channel must evolve.  The next logical step is to set up a webpage and make my commentaries available on sites like Itunes and Stitcher Radio.  I have just started to learn about this and hope to launch my YouTube show in podcast form very soon.

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