WWE WrestleMania Memories 1985-2015 ~ EVERY SHOW!

It’s finally here!  I am proud to give you my WrestleMania Memories commentary.  Over the next 6 hours we’ll take a look at every WrestleMania to date and discuss some of the most memorable matches and moments from the last 31 years.

You can still dowload the mp3 below and this will also be available on Itunes and Stitcher however I downgraded the audio quality of the mp3 in order to save space.  It should still sound fine.


WrestleMania Memories 1 Week Away!!


After a year in the making I’m happy to announce that my WrestleMania Memories commentary will be up in about one week! (give or take a day)

This will be a nearly 6-hour long epic journey through EACH and EVERY WrestleMania from 1985-2015.  We’ll take a look back at the most history making moments and matches from Wrestlemania and how they impacted the wrestling business.  The theme in this video is fun, and I think you will have fun watching it.  It’s been a blast reliving all of these moments and looking back at the long history of wrestling’s biggest event.

I’m very proud of this video, I consider it to be my greatest work.  I can’t wait to share it with all of you.  Stay tuned!


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