Whattup ya’ll. First off I apologize for the delay on the Q&A. Here I thought I could bust one out quickly but then life got nuts and didn’t allow me any time to finish it. On the bright side I have 4 new videos coming in the next few days. Here is the planned schedule for this week….

Monday (late as shit) – Raw Review & Extreme Rules Predictions
Wednesday – Q&A
Thursday – This Day In History
Sunday – Extreme Rules Results and Reaction

I’ll have a new DVD review up in June, requests welcomed.

Also I’ll be working on Q&A stuff most of the day on Sunday. Tweet me if you’d like @goodmicwork I’m sure I can find time to chat.

Catch you after RAW ✌️





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Simply select GMW BLACK or GMW WHITE from the drop down menu for whichever shirt you want.  ***TELL ME THE SIZE YOU WOULD LIKE IN THE PAYMENT DESCRIPTION****

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Thank you in advance to anyone who purchases a t-shirt, tweet me your pics when they arrive!



The ball is finally rolling on the T-Shirts!  Just 2 design choices to start.  I should have them available here on the website in the next 2-3 weeks.  Price will be $19.99 and will INCLUDE shipping! (Outside U.S must pay for shipping)  Paypal will be the only accepted form of payment at first.  I will explore more payment options if the sales are strong.   I will announce when they are available in a future commentary, here on the website, and on social media.  My 6-year anniversary commentary is coming in 1 month and I will be discussing all the recent improvements and upgrades to my channel and site in that video as well as my plans and goals for the future.  Stay tuned!

……and btw, have you checked out that WrestleMania Memories video thingy?


WrestleMania Memories 1 Week Away!!


After a year in the making I’m happy to announce that my WrestleMania Memories commentary will be up in about one week! (give or take a day)

This will be a nearly 6-hour long epic journey through EACH and EVERY WrestleMania from 1985-2015.  We’ll take a look back at the most history making moments and matches from Wrestlemania and how they impacted the wrestling business.  The theme in this video is fun, and I think you will have fun watching it.  It’s been a blast reliving all of these moments and looking back at the long history of wrestling’s biggest event.

I’m very proud of this video, I consider it to be my greatest work.  I can’t wait to share it with all of you.  Stay tuned!


2015 Year End Video Announcement

That time of year again.  Time to put together a special video/commentary to close out 2015.  I announced in my last commentary that I would be doing a Q&A / 2015 Review / casual wrestling chit-chat type video.  That is still the plan.  I am requesting some fan input.  Reach out to me on Twitter and Facebook (links above) and tell me some of your favorite moments of 2015.  I would also like to know what you consider to be the biggest and most significant moments of this year.  And of course, I will be answering fan questions as well.  Send all written, audio, and video questions to goodmicwork@gmail.com.  Trying to finish up my format sheet and start recording this week.  Release date will be sometime between the 26th and 30th.

Here is last year’s final video for those who haven’t seen it.


WWE Survivor Series 2015 is right around the corner!

I am currently working on 2 Survivor Series PPV reviews.  The first one will be up in a matter of minutes and the next one will be up in about a week.  Here are a few other Survivor Series related videos I have done in the past to get you in the mood.

My review of the first ever Survivor Series

Also, I randomly decided to review Survivor Series 1993. (shoulda done 95)

And since the Rock made his debut at Survivor Series 1996, here is his DVD Review

Moving day. Kill me.

Whattup GoodMicWorkers, just wanted to update everyone as to why things have been quiet the last couple of weeks. I am currently moving to a different location in town. Moving is a pain in the ass and it disrupts everything.  Once I am settled things will be back to normal here on the GMW network.  I’ll be active on FB and Twitter until my next vid so check me out!


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