Ok, I think I’m ready.  Been working on a few things this week.  First of all, welcome to my webpage!  As usual, my facebook followers are getting the first look at all of this.  I will make an announcement in my next video to everyone else.

I created this webpage in order to better distribute my content.  One of the biggest requests I get from listeners is for me to make my commentaries available for downloads and on podcast sites.  So that is what I have done.  All of my Youtube commentaries from now on will be posted here on this site along with a downloadable version for listening.

I have submitted my show to Itunes and Stitcher as well.  Stitcher appears to be up and running but I am still waiting to hear back from Itunes.

I will also be using this site to launch a small merchandise line. (just a couple of shirts) Looking into the details now and have ordered a prototype to see how I like it.  If everything goes well I should have some shirts available for sale here on the site in about 1-3 months.